53 Acres - 3 TAX LOTS - each with their own unique features!

common sense security

Unique Safety and Security features

Fire suppression and mitigation features

Underground Bunkers

Roof-top faucet/sprinkler system

Gravity flow sprinklers

Energy efficient heat alternative:

  --> Central, wood-fired boiler system

Panic Room 

Multiple Exterior Buildings

Unparalleled Beauty and Privacy

Forested Acreage
Variety of Wildlife

Secluded, yet just minutes to town
Multi-Family Set-Up Possible

Easy Access to Services

Low Profile

Seasonal Creeks and Marketable Timber

Wooded Acreage

Seasonal Creeks

Private Well, Average 9.6 GPM

Excellent Water Quality

Abundant Firewood


"Calico Mine" facade entrance to underground shelter


Interior of finished shelter


Detail of interior (note separate room)


Numerous access roads help to provide fire protection.

Unparalleled Beauty and Privacy


Two level, Underground  Bunker located just outside the dwelling on TaxLot #2


Unfinished "Double Decker" Underground Bunker

(Upper Entrance)


Unfinished "Double Decker" Underground Bunker

(Lower Entrance)



- The main house has a unique heating system that can be used in conjunction with the heat-pump system or by itself, a very cost-effective alternative to electricity!  A 1500 gallon water-jacketed wood boiler with a 30”x 57” burn barrel heats the water storage tank with wood.  The hot water circulates through coils. This system heats the house through the air handler heating system duct work. (Heat pump is used when desired). Computerized System manager (thermostat control located in hall) co-ordinates the functions.

- The wood-fired boiler room is approximately 19’x 30’ w/ 16’6”x 19’ loft.  A rear access barn door allows for easy access to the wood garage/storage area.

- Everything in place for adding a solar accessory heating system. 

"Central wood heaters and boilers, normally installed in the basement or a utility room, distribute their heat with forced hot-air or circulating hot-water systems, and can heat any home. If you have a ready supply of firewood and you enjoy handling wood, a wood furnace or boiler may be a good choice." 

~ By Greg Pahl, Mother Earth News

Water and Security Tanks